In 1906, on Marasli street, Nikolaos F. Giannakopoulos founded the “N. F. Giannakopoulos” office, organizing the first funeral service in September 1906.

Ever since, our office has continuously offered its services carrying on the long professional tradition of the founder’s family.

Even though, for practical reasons, our office had to relocate twice – first to Aristippou street and then to its current address on Dinokratous street- these moves have not impacted the high quality of our services.

During our century-long presence we have always organized funeral services with utter care and professionalism. Our office is well known throughout Greece and has established long-standing collaborations with funeral offices abroad.

From the first point of contact until the completion of the farewell or the commemoration ceremony, our experienced staff is with you at all times, discreetly advising, helping and taking care of all essential and procedural details, suggesting the fastest and most effective process.

Our duty is to observe the standard protocol of the farewell process, providing a series of care services to the deceased in line with his/her earthly life, always paying respect to the memory and wishes of the deceased. Our goal is to organize a ceremony taking care of every single detail, in order to alleviate any administrative burden off the deceased’s relatives shoulders.

At a time of great loss, our aim is to provide our customers with substantive help on everything they need. Our associates take care of all practical matters, with regards to the care and preparation of the body, as well as any important wishes of the deceased and/or his/her family.

We believe that one’s final farewell has to be special and should be unique, as unique as the individual was during his/her lifetime.